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Names any song in seconds

Shazam will identify any music playing around you. Shazam is an excellent application that helps you find out the title of every song the moment you're hearing it.
The only thing you need to do is hold your Android phone close to the source of the sound and wait about five seconds for it to process the song. Right after, and without the need of being silent, the program will tell you the exact title of the song you were listening to.
The database of the program recognizes songs from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls. Nothing or almost nothing escapes the app, thanks to its huge music database.
Shazam is quite useful for music lovers because you can often find yourself in a situation where you hear a song that you don't recognize. So with a simple movement, you place your phone close to the source of the sound to find out the title of the song and listen to it as much as you want.
Shazam dates back to 2002 as a service and it has been on the app stores since 2008. It is way more than just identification. It stands as the beginning of a journey where the user can discover more on the music and TV they love.

> Use Shazam within Snapchat to recognize, discover and share music!
> Use the Discover tab for song recommendations, new video releases, recommended playlists, Shazams from your facebook friends, posts from you favorite artists and Shazam Chart updates
> Auto Shazam: Discover new songs around you without having Shazam open. Soundtrack your summer while your phone stays firmly in your pocket. The possibilities are endless.
> Add Shazamed tracks to your Spotify playlists
> Offline Shazaming: just open the app and tap the Shazam button as usual. A digital fingerprint of the audio will be created and stored on the app. You’ll also see a pop-up message telling you that you’re offline, and that Shazam will try again when you’re back online
> Discover what music is playing on TV shows, movies and commercials on your Samsung smart TV powered by Shazam


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